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UAE users don't know much more about "the little world of Amiga" as often theirs only knoweldge about computing is  Mi£ro$oFt. So here is the Index.

.8SVX Sample IFF Amiga. Similar to files called .WAW 

.ADF file that contain all the data blocks from an 880 Kb Amiga floppy

.ADZ an .ADF file packed in Zip format 

.ANIM Amiga Animation file format. Similar to .MOV .AVI 

.ANIMBRUSH little ANIM that can be used for drawing 

.BRUSH little IFF picture that can be used for drawing

.DMS file that contain all the data blocks from an 880 Kb Amiga floppy BUT compressed similar to.ADF or .ADZ 

.GUIDE = AmigaGuide Amiga HyperText File Format.  Similar to .HTM 

.HDF HardFile file that contain all the data blocks from an hard drive.

.IFF General multi purpose Amiga File Format but often contains pictures.

.INFO  files gots (often) an other  file that contain their icon. Similar to to the Resource/Data system from the Mac. Example PPaint and Drives got always an icon called  DISK.INFO 

.LHA files packer.This is the official packer for Aminet. Similar to WinZip, gzip, etc ... Main usage are " lha x foo.lha" for unpacking and "lha -r a drawer.lha mydrawer" for packing a directory

.MOD Soundtracker musical module = files that  contains the samples and the partition 

1.1 System frome the Historical first Amiga A1000 

1.2 System from the Amiga that are classical and the oldest A1000 and A500 

1.3 System from the Amiga that are classical and the oldest A2000 and A500 

1760 Ko Size of the HD floppies when formated on Amiga 

2.0 System from the Amiga A600 and A500+ 

2.1 System from the Amiga A600 and A500+ 

3.0 System from the Amiga AGA A4000 and A1200 

3.1 System from the recents Amiga  AGA A4000 and A1200 and CD32 

3.5 Version from 1999  of  the Amiga System. Similar to Win98 

3.9 Last version from 2000 of  the Amiga System. Similar to Win98 

68000 processor (16/32bits) equivalent to the 386 

68040 processor (32 bits+FPU+MMU) equivalent to 486 DX 

68060 processor (superscalar) equivalent to Pentium 100 

88O Ko Size of the DD floppies when formated on Amiga 

A1000 Desktop Amiga with 68000 + OCS + System 1.2 or 1.3 

A1200 Amiga with 68020 + AGA + System 3.1 

A2000 Desktop Amiga with 68000 + OCS + System 1.2 or 1.3 

A2500 Desktop Amiga with 68020 

A3000 Desktop Amiga with 68030 + ECS + System 3.0+SCSI 

A4040T Desktop Amiga with 68040 + AGA + System 3.1+SCSI 

A4030 Desktop Amiga with 68030 + AGA + System 3.0 

A4040 Desktop Amiga with 68040 + AGA + System 3.0 

A500 Home Amiga with 68000 + OCS + System 1.2 or 1.3 

A500+ Home Amiga with 68000 + OCS + System 2.0

A600 Home Amiga with 68000 + ECS + System 2.0 

AGA = Advanced Graphic Architecture The "Custom Chips" 32 bits that are in the 1200 and 4000 and CD32. Allow (among other things) a bigger "Chip" memory  (2 Mb) display in 256 colors, the  HAM update to 262000 colors (HAM8), Hi-resolutions display modes like PAL 1280*512,  blitter is fully 32 bits, enhanced Sprites , etc ... Compatible with PAL/NTSC/VGA/MultiSynchrone  monitors or TV

AHI Amiga Driver for audio card

AMIGA see that page in french

AmigaDos, Dos Library that manage files, directories,etc ... Similar to MS-DOS 

ARexx System Script language on Amiga Allow programs intercommunicating and interfacing. Similar to Rexx 

AROS = Amiga Research OS Project  whose goal is to rewrite AmigaOS 3.1 in  C for all the kind of computers (mainly Linux and IBM PC native ). 

Assign Amiga Shell command that allow to create logical names for drives or directory. Example: assign FONTS: wb3.1:fonts 

Bitplanes  Pixels that are displayed on screen come from binary data called a "bit planes" it's a black and white image where each bit represent a black (0) or white (1) pixel.
To obtain a color image each bit plan lay on other one. So 2 bitplanes give 2 bits that can code 4 colors
00 ( color 0)      01 ( color 1)    10 (color 2)   11(color 3)
The same apply  for 3 bitplans ( 8 colors) 4 bitplans (16 colors) ...... 8 bitplans (256 colors)
Alle those bitplanes cans scroll freely and fastly independantly and be used as Dual Playfield.

Blitter = Block Image Transferrer One of the custom chip It's a graphic coprocessor like on modern graphic cards.
Can display/merge image on screen, draw lines, fill surfaces.

Blit a blitter opérations.

BOBs Blitter object Graphical objetc that apppear in front of the screen background. Create by operations of copy / masking / inserting of the Blitter. It is made with binary datas from the screen 

Bootblock Track (0 and 1) that allow floppy to be bootables (made with "c:install df0:".
 Those track always got a standard 
 format (ie are readable) even if the floppy got a protection. May contain boot virus. 

 C: Directory thta contain  the Shell  commands  . It's in SYS:/C. Similar to C:\DOS and not to C:\ from PC. See also SYS: 

C2P "Chunky To Planes" format conversion software Typically convert a PC or Mac Screen to Amiga AGA native 

Caligari24 3D Amiga Software that have been adapted to PC with the name

 CD0 : Standard name for a CD-ROM 

CD32 Amiga Game console 68020 + AGA + System 3.1 The first ever 32 bits + CD

CDTV Home Amiga 68000 + OCS with CD-ROM  intended to converge with black
 boxes like Hi-Fi or VCR 

Chip is the memory that is used by the processor AND the "Custom  Chips" of an Amiga for the graphics, sound and partillay for gadgets, windows, DMA drives buffers,
 floppy buffers, etc ... 

Chunky For that  kind of pixels the data come from sequential data block in memory
 So 1 pixel in 256 colors = 1 byte, 2 pixels 16 colors
 = 1 bytes. 

 Cinema4D An Amiga 3D Software that have been adapted on PC. 

 ClassAct Library that allow to fully configure aspects and GUI. Only work for software that have been
written with it so very similar to MUI. 

Copper An other graphical coprocessor that allow to change resolutions,size,scroll/deform screen and change colors during display. This coprocessor has programs called CopperLists associed to a Screen. 

Custom Chips Chips that have been created by the Commodore Amiga Team
 and that are on the motherboard of True Amigas. They enhance display, scrollings and DMA,audio, video and animating erformances. Customs Chips are the Blitter, Copper, Paula, Denise,
 the two CIA, Super Buster, Aikiko, Gary etc... 

Cybergraphics Driver for Amiga graphic card. Allow system display in more than 256  colors (15,16,24,32 bits)
 and hardware acceleration. Similar but better than DirectDraw. Similar to Xwindow.

CyberGL A port of  OpenGL to Amiga OS with Cybergraphics

Datatypes objects that allow the reading/using (sometime writing) of all kind of files formats. This Amiga Dattypes system has been adapted  to BeOS

Demos Animations and several effects created for Programmation Competition called "DemoParty"
Very popular in North an Ouest Europe and so often called EuroDemos  Similar to VideoClips and Screen Blanker ;-) 

DF3: Standard name for floppy drives (up to 4 drives 3.5 or 5.25) in Amiga  format. 

DMA Direct Memory Acces.Used by Custom Chips (more than 25 DMAs !!! ) and some additionnal cards so faaast  (Examples: Audio, Blitter, Copper, Cards on  ZorroIII, etc...) 

DoomII  PC Game that have been also adapted to Amiga

Dpaint (DeluxePaint) PPaint (Personnal Paint) Two very classical Bitmap drawing software on Amiga 

Drag'n Drop allow to manipulate files by mouse dropping them in a requester. Easier that writing a name. 

Dual Play Field Two independant Amiga "Screen" lay on each other on Screen, The foreground one let the other one appear where it has color 00 

Early Startup similar to PC's SetUp You can get it by pressing early the two mouse buttons 

Screen Amiga concept of hardware windows that can be of different resolutions on a single monitor.
 Screens can be in front of each other, can be scroll down, or be bigger than screen and then folow the mouse by scrolling . It's similar to Xwindow display but the custom chips allow screenS to be on a single monitor.

ECS = Enhanced Chip Set The old "Custom Chips" that are inside the Amigas 600 and some recents A 2000 and A500 Alow among other things a bigger "Chip"  (2 Mb) and higger resolution modes like PAL 1280*512, etc ... 

EGCS a more recent version of GCC that don't come from the GNU team but from Linux community. 

Interlaced Some Screen resolution are interlaced like TV notably the PAL and NTSC ones. When interlaced display is donned in to time : first frame with odd lines, second frame with even lines.
As the global refresh rate fall down it flicker (50hz  become 25 Hz)

ENV-ARC: The directory SYS:Prefs/Env-Archive contain the backup of the system and applications settings and default icons (for files that don't have a .info) . Thta directory is copied to RAM: at boot in the directory ENV: 

Exec Library contain the kernel of Amiga OS : multitasking, memory,etc...  Exec has been written by Carl Sassenrath author of Rebol.

Extra-halfbrite False 64 colors graphical mode. Same as 32 color mode with colors 32 -63 that are darker than 32 firsts one.
See Alcatraz MegaDemo II 

Fast is the memory usable ONLY by the processor so it's faster. Because memory access aren't shared with "Custom Chips" 

Fellow Amiga emulator better for games 

G3, G4, PowerPC microprocessor Risc equivalent to Pentium III 

GCC The C/ C++ compiler from GNU exist also on Unix/Linux and Geek Gadget 

Geek Gadget A GNU/Linux port on AmigaOS with all utilities (Apache,GCC,etc...) made possible with  ixemul.library 

GG: Drive name assigned to the Geek Gadget directory (or drive) called GNU: some time ago. 

GlowIcons A 256 colors icon set that remplace NewIcons. When selected they "glow" a yellow aura. 

Graphics Library manage drawing of graphical opérations. Similar to X-Windows or Direct Draw 

Guru Meditation Old classical name for fatal errors messages (divide by 0, odd adressse, illégal adresse,etc ...)
It was black and red blinking with esoterics messages appearing wen old Amigas crash.

HAM = Hold And Modify Amiga image format that are hardware packed (6 bits per pixel in memory give 12 bits colors on screen ) , in 4096 colors 

HAM8 same as HAM but on  AGA  chips with more than  262 000 colors  (8 bits per pixel in memory give 18 bits colors on screen )

HereticII  PC game that have been also adapted to Amiga 

 IBrowse, AWeb, Voyager. Similar to Netscape Navigator, IExplorer 

Intro Same as Demo but more little  (often  1 Kb or 64 Kb) 

Intuition Library manage the gui :  menus, gadgets, etc... 

Ixemul Library Link library that allow to recompile on AmigaOS programs written for  X-Windows/Unix 

Kickstart  ROM memory of the Amigas that contain a (variable) part of the OS as dynamic & shared  libraries of functions (exec.library ,graphics.library ,dos.library,etc
 ..) and some drivers (scsi.device, 2nd.scsi.device,etc...) 

Library Shared  libraries of  functions loaded by the programs using them. similar to DLL of the PC but less buggy and memory expansive. 

LightWave 3D Software from Amiga that have been adapted on PC . 

MAC1 Standard name for floppy drives (up to 4 drives 3.5 or 5.25) in Macintosh  format. 

MagicWB An  8 colors icon set that replace the standard Workbench icon set. 

MakeCD Similar to NERO, Easy CD Creator 

MasterIso Similar to NERO, Easy CD Creator 

MegaDemo A set of  Demos brought together to be more attractive and longer.

Mesa A free port of  OpenGL to Linux and Amiga

Miami a TCP/IP stack for Amiga OS

MiniGL A partial (speed oriented) port of  OpenGL to Amiga OS with Warp3D

MUI Library that allow to fully configure aspects and GUI. Only work for software that have been written with it so very similar to ClassAct

Multiview Universal DragNdrop utilities for viewing/listening all files formats  with datatypes. It is in SYS:Utilities 

Myst  PC game  that have been adapted also to Amiga 

NewIcons Icons set in 256 colors compatible with MagicWB and the
standards  icons (so it got 2 images per icones). Lots of icons set availables (Win95, BeOS, etc...) 

 OCS Old Chip Set : The "Custom Chips" that are inside the Originals  Amigas like A1000, A500, CDTV and somes  A2000. Allow displays like  640 * 512 (PAL) or 640*400 (NTSC) 16 colors and 320*512 in 32 colors.  HAM and Extra-halfbrite Modes. 4 audio channels with DMA 8 bits and stereo. A total of 25 DMA channels  for Blitter, Copper, etc... 

 OS3.5 Icons System icons set in 256 colors in GloWicons format and aspect (yellow glowing).
 Compatible with MagicWB / NewIcons. 

Overlay Harware Window managed by hardware in front of Screen . It's a kind of sprite but rectangular and with no holes.
An Overlay Window can be 24 bits on a 8 bits screen. Impossible now on UAE 

Paula = Custom Chip for sound with 4 channels stereo in 8 bits with DMA and volume enveloppe control 

 PC0:  Classical name for the floppy drive in PC format. 

Picasso96 Driver for Amiga graphics card (allow other résloution than AGA typically 24 bits and hardawre acceleration), adapted for PC graphics card (ie VESA ord DirectDraw ) for DosUAE and WinUAE 

 Power PC, PPC Risc processor used also in Macintosh  equivalent to Pentium II 

PREFS: The directory SYS:Prefs contains OS configuration programs (patterns, screen, printers...). 

Quake Famous PC game that have been also adapted to Amiga 

 RAM: Ram Disk Virtual Drive made from Amiga memory (Allocation is dynamic). Création with Dir RAM: 

Reaction Same as ClassAct but included in the System 3.5 

Requester Standard Request Window for asking a Directory + file name or a Font or a Screen Mode (Drag'n Drop possible) 

 RTA ReTargetable Audio Audio System that use drivers (ie isn't custom chip dependant ) =  AHI 

RTG retargetable graphics Display System that use drivers (ie isn't custom chip dependant ) as  Picasso96
 or Cybergraphics. Better than DirectDraw  for PC cause it dont use a different OS gui but just extend it.
(Example cybergraphics.library  works the same as graphics library but can use 15-16-24-32 bits screens and windows) 

Scala MM400 Famous Amiga Multimedia Software multimédia also adapted to PC. 

Scult4D Amiga 3D Software that have been adapted on PC and Mac. 

SetPatch command launched at the beginning that correct (patch) some buggy functions from the ROM 

 SH Geek Gadget's Shell idem as Unix Shell. 

ShapeShifter, Fusion . Two famous Mac Emulator on Amiga (and therefore UAE) . Fusion has been adapted  to PC. 

Shell Text interface for typing command like "dir" "list" similar to Shell Unix. 

Shogo  PC game  that have been also adapted to Amiga 

Slow Is a part of memory that can't be used by the old version of the "Custom Chips" limited to 512 Kb but with bus acces shared with the CPU. Older  Amiga OS think it was fast Memory  but no it wasn't = True fast mem don't share memory access. 

 Software Failure A New name for the "Guru meditations" 

Sprite Graphical Object that appear "inserted" in front of the screen. Harware managed by the Custom Chip it ISNT in the sreen memory and ISNT and/ored with screen by Blitter. It's only a Sprite pixel and Screen Pixel merging during display.

Startup-sequence  System script file executed at boot . Can be find in SYS:S/ Similar to

SYS: name given to the boot drive.  Similar to C: des PC but not fixed 

System a full Amiga OS = Kickstart + Workbench. Example:  System 3.1 

UAE Amiga Emulator with Window, Dos, Linux, PowerMac, Mac, Amiga, BeoS, Os/2 versions 

User-startup Personnal script file that is executed at bootup. It's in SYS:S/ Similar to autoexec.bat 

VistaPro 3D amiga Software for rendering landscape that has been adapted  to PC. 

Warp3D Driver and library for Amiga 3D graphics card. Similar to Direct3D for PC 

WB-startup Workbench directory with programs to be run at bootup. 

WCS = World Construction Set 3D amiga Software for rendering landscape that has been adapted  to PC. 

WipeOut2097 PC game  that have been also adapted to Amiga 

WORK: HD0: HD1: Classical names for Amiga Hard Drives. 

Workbench = WB Part of the OS that regroup icons,windows,drives and menus. Similar to
 Windows from PC and the Finder from Macs 

YAM, AmigaMail. Similar to MsMail 

Z3 fast is memory that is in an extension card plugged in a Zorro Bus Z3. As the Amiga motherBoard can't accept more than 16Mb it was (a long time ago) the only way to extend memory beyond 16 Mb 

Zorro   Zorro connector are extensions connectors buse for Amigas (  Similar concept to PCI, ISA, Nubus) 

 Zorro I are (i think) 16 bits and fit out the Amiga 1000 

Zorro II are 16 bits and  fit out the Amigas 2000,2500 

Zorro III are 32 bits and  fit out the Amigas 3000 et 4000 

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